5 Great Reasons to Attend the Cloud Solutions MegaCast on April 11

Do you remember the Christmas classic “A Charlie Brown Christmas”? At one point, Linus asks Lucy why he should memorize his lines for the Christmas play. Lucy slowly closes her fingers into a fist, counting each one as another good reason.

Well, I won’t threaten you, but, like, Lucy, I’ll give you five reasons to sign up for the ActualTech Media Cloud Solutions MegaCast on Wednesday, April 11. Here they are:

  1. The lineup of vendors presenting means that you’ll learn a ton. They include VMware, Nutanix, Zerto, Cohesity, Platform9, Unitrends and Pivot3 – a who’s who of cloud heavyweights. Keeping up with the latest technology is crucial, and things are changing fast. Get up to speed in a hurry!
  1. You got questions? We got answers. With this many experts, pretty much any question you have about implementing or managing cloud infrastructure, on- or off-premises, will have someone who can answer it.
  1. The benefits for your company. Whether you’re thinking about the best way for your company to jump into the cloud, or how to save your company money with the cloud, what you learn during the MegaCast will make you a hero at work. And who doesn’t want to be a hero?
  1. Astonishing prizes. How about Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ phones? Or $500 Amazon gift cards being given away every 30 minutes? Sound like something you could use? Then sign up and get ready!

  1. Live demos. Every IT person geeks out on live demos, and we’ve got ‘em. See the technology up close and personal, including (teaser alert!) a demo of a brand-new, multi-cloud management solution.

How do you sign up? Register Here!

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