4 Steps to a True Digital Transformation

The new era of hybrid IT is improving the way business run and helping deliver new and differentiated services. By embracing the additional values hybrid IT provides, businesses can create their right mix of public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises solutions, while deploying services where they are best suited to be run. For example, one cloud service provider needed to create a scalable, robust and efficient infrastructure that wouldn’t restrain them as they grow. The steps they took on their path to a successful digital transformation offer insights into the path other businesses can follow to succeed as they begin their own digital transformation journey.

HPE’s Gary Thome, Vice President, Chief Technologist Software Defined Infrastructure and Cloud Group, recently wrote an article discussing the most important steps that organizations can and should take to realize the full value of their digital transformation efforts.  Successful outcomes consist of a combination of policy, technology, and operational changes.  It also requires a whole new mindset and CIOs and IT staff that are wired into the business.

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