See What Our IT Audience Planning to Implement and Upgrade this Year!

What is our audience planning for 2017? What kind of technical marketing do they find most useful? What are their concerns about new technologies they’re evaluating?

We surveyed our audience to gauge their thinking and plans for 2017 across a wide range of data center focus areas, from cloud to storage, networking and more. We also wanted to know what concerns them most, and where they feel they could use some additional education.

Download your copy of the free report now and find out how to best align your technical marketing message with the real customer needs in the field!

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In this Free Audience Survey Report You’ll Learn:

  • Who makes up ActualTech Media’s Audience
  • How they prefer to receive technical marketing content
  • Which technical marketing content they value the most and find most useful
  • Where they’re planning to allocate IT budgets in 2017
  • What’s driving them to search for 11 types of data center solutions
  • How ActualTech Media can help connect you with this growing audience